Instructional videos for Chia farmers from the FindChia pool.

Oct 17, 2023


Hello, dear pool members, Chia farmers and all those who are interested in Chia Network!

Since the first days of the pool opening, our technical support team has been facing questions from Chia farmers every day. And helps everyone to solve problems of any complexity, such as setting up, checking or improving the farm, troubleshooting and much more. Thanks to our experience, we decided to release videos breaking down the main issues that Chia farmer’s face. Such as:

In this video we show and tell you how to check your Chia farm, more precisely how to check the plots for validity and identify broken ones.
In this video you will see the easiest way to move the Chia database to a separate drive.
In this video we show you how to create Chia plots using 128 GB of RAM with BladeBit.

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Thank you for being with us!

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